Hello Kitty Power

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hello Kitty Power - Hello Kitty Shinsengumi cookies

One of my best friends went to Kyoto with her hubby this New Year. They bought me a box of Hello Kitty yummy cookies.

Look at how cute Hello Kitty and her friends are. They are dressed in the Shinsengumi costume. Shinsengumi version of Hello Kitty, hum, interesting.

Shinsengumi Hello Kitty Cookies

A box of Hello Kitty Cookies

Inside each box, there are 8 cookies. On each cookie, there is a Hello Kitty print. This Hello Kitty print is so cute that I don’t really want to eat the cookie. But after I ate one, I couldn’t stop myself from wanting to eat more.

Cute Shinsengumi Hello Kitty Cookies

This cookie maker must have paid a lot of money to buy Hello Kitty licence form Sanrio to make Hello Kitty version Shinsengumi cookies. I wonder what other Hello Kitty version cookies all over Japanese tourist attractions would be.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Hello Kitty Power - Sanrio Hello Kitty DVD - Rainbow Party

Hello Kitty DVD - Rainbow Party

My niece got a new item for her Hello Kitty collection. Lucky her! She got a brand new DVD from Hello Kitty’s amusement part - Sanrio Puroland in Tokyo. It is a 25-minute-DVD about Hello Kitty goes to Rainbow World to join a “Rainbow Party”. Thank you for one of my best friends from Japan, my niece received tons of Hello Kitty goods. Especially, the Hello Kitty items available for Japanese market only. Yeah! Yeah!

Hello Kitty products are marketed very well worldwide. All products are created for special country or region. New products are available for sell for three months only. The Hello Kitty goods are so cute that Hello Kitty fans want to have every single one of them. Hello Kitty power is lashed. But our bank accounts only have limited amount of money …